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Pure Noiseless Music. Unforgettable experience.

LIEDSON ``Pure Noiseless Music`` designs innovative HIFI DACs, streamers, amplifiers and headphones for audiophiles.
Our devices are subjected to rigorous tests and controls. .

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Do not use music to listen to your material, but our material to listen to music.

Gilles AGUILERA Founder, Liedson

Gilles AGUILERA - Founder, Liedson

Gilles is passionate about audio acoustics. He creates all his products. He made his very first audio streamer back in 2006, the Liedson project emerged in 2014 and he started the company in May 2018.
Also, Gilles is a recognized painter and sculptor. Hence, design and matter are very important to his eyes.

All products are assembled by hand

(PCB / soldering / wiring / machining).

Assembled Hand
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