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The Odeon amplifier developed by LIEDSON is the result of several years of research, everything has been implemented for a result of listening out of the ordinary, starting from a chassis aluminum machined in the mass, bringing all the necessary rigidity, and serving as a passive cooler.

The printed circuit retains the same philosophy of the LIEDSON range and uses gold plated tracks.

All components are paired one by one by hand with 0.01% tolerances

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The Odeon power amplifier is developed around the Tripath TA 2022 integrated circuit Particular attention was paid to the choice of components, such as Resistances VISHAY FOIL at 2 PPM, 0,01% Takman Carbon Films resistor Charcroft Z-Foil resistor Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitors Mundorf MCap ZN capacitors toroidal transformer TALEMA 650VA The smoothing chokes are hand wound in LITZ wire according to a process developed by LIEDSON.

Specification ODEON

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2x125W, 2x250W, 2x350W, 2x500W, 2x60W


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